7.8. KEY FINDINGS: Consultation with young people

The results below are a summary of the questionnaires completed by 50 young people in Crowborough.

Do you go to a Youth Club or any kind of youth group or activity outside of school time?


No: 45%

Do you use the information shop?


No: 2%

What improvements would you like to see made to local parks and recreation grounds?
bar graph - What improvements would you like to see made to local parks and recreation grounds? bar graph - Transport and getting around bar graph - Do you think you could live in Crowborough when you are older?
Environment - Put a number by the following issues in the order you think most important - 1 as most important to 4 as least important
bar graph - Environment - issues

Improving the look of the town centre was seen as the most important environmental issue for young people with 22 selecting it as the highest priority. Making sure there are lots of tress around the town and that the Twittens are kept in good condition were both considered as the highest priority by 11 respondents each.

Improving the network of footpaths around the town received the most selections as the second highest priority (17) and third highest priority (15).

pie chart - Do you have a job in Crowborough?
Do you think it is easy to get a job in or near Crowborough?

When asked whether it was easy to get a job in or near Crowborough 45% stated that it was not, 30% thought it was and 25% were unsure.

Do you think you will be living in Crowborough when you are 20?

57% of respondents do not consider that they will be living in Crowborough when they are 20, 27% consider that they will be and 16% are unsure.

Please note that the comments below come from consultation exercises undertaken with the Scouts and the youth council. Those in italic represent the Scouts and those not in italic represent the youth council

I like Crowborough because…

Crowborough now is…

Crowborough is…

I feel least safe in Crowborough in…

I feel least safe in…

I feel least safe in…

When I’m with my friends I feel most safe in…

Trouble is caused by young people in Crowborough because…

What would make you feel safer?

I wish there was somewhere I could…

I wish there was a … in Crowborough

Crowborough should have…

Crowborough in 3 years should be…

What is wanted?
Ideas Numbers

Increased range of shops to meet young people’s needs


Improvements to swimming opportunities


Cycle lanes


Improvements to skate park


Pubs/clubs for young people


Fast food


Bowling complex (ten pin)


Increased police presence




Youth clubs


Internet cafes


Other comments included:

Gym for 13 year olds, Quad biking place, Paint balling – cheap place, Laserquest, Non paying toilets, More stuff to do at night, Big park – with trees, More zoos near Crowborough, Nearer beach, Bingo, Larger library, Leisure complex, Arcade, Restaurants, Bike hire, More parking at Wolfe Rec, Camping sites, Ventilation at Scout hut, Footpath, Expand park, More community police, More fields to play in, Football goals, Games workshop, Activity centre, Fishing, Pelican crossings, Community Centre, Art, Lake – boating, Better lighting on Wolfe rec, Better fences, Park for older people, Seatbelts in buses, Pool/snooker for young people, Free bus passes for young people, Bigger green, Goals

There were a wide range of ideas suggested by the young people who took part in consultation at the Scouts and the youth council. When grouped an increased range of shops to meet the needs of young people was mentioned the most time (6) with cycle lanes, improvements to skate park, more pubs/clubs for young people and a bowling complex all the receiving 5 mentions.

Rounded Rectangular Callout: ‘A community centre would be good – it has potential if they put it somewhere central like around the library and it is in constant use and young people can use it’ – young person

Rounded Rectangular Callout: ‘I'd like to see more late buses’ – adult resident
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