9. Risk Assessment

The broadening of the Crowborough Partnership

This is the first and essential action within the Action Plan. The Crowborough Partnership needs to make changes to its membership to include all organisations and groups that will be active in assisting to implement the plan. This forms a first part of the Action Plan. If this is not done there is a danger that implementation is not controlled and monitored adequately.

The Crowborough Co-ordinator

The appointment of the Crowborough Co-ordinator is also an essential part of the implementation process. It has been clear throughout all of the discussions leading to the development of the Action Plan that without this central resource there is a danger that the Action Plan will flounder in its early stages.

Staff resources

All of the Actions will require staff resources from the organisations taking responsibility for the Action. There is a danger that this may not be available or adequate in all cases and this will need to be kept under review.


Most of the projects require funding support from one source or another. Crowborough is located in an area of the Country that does not attract great amounts of regeneration and development funding. It is important that early discussions are held with funding bodies and local authorities to raise awareness and secure funding support for the Action Plan.


The successful implementation of the Action Plan requires concensus and good partnership working. All partners will need to continue to work towards the implementation of the Action Plan both in the first year and beyond and the Partnership will need to be flexible to accommodate change as new projects develop. The Action Plan assumes that agreement will be reached easily. If this is not the case then the implementation of the Action Plan will be delayed.

Community Involvement and Ownership

It is important that the community does get more involved in the programme of actions and feels ownership of it if the Action Plan is to have a long-term future.

Momentum and Dissipation of interest

There is a need for the Partnership to ensure that all of the Actions are progressed even where these are the responsibility of other statutory organisations or Partnerships. There is a danger that the passion and interest in particular actions are dissipated if the Crowborough Partnership does not ensure that it retains constant focus on the agenda. It is important that a range of projects is progressed, with periodic updates to the general public, in order to satisfy the support of all of the interests that became involved in the development of the Action Plan. If one or two projects come to dominate then the support of the broader interest might be lost.

Monitoring and Review

The Crowborough Partnership has responsibility for the monitoring and review processes of the Action Plan. A formal monitoring and review meeting will be undertaken on a quarterly basis. The Crowborough Partnership will have responsibility for disseminating information to the community.

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