7.5. KEY FINDINGS: Views on from surrounding Parishes

As part of the consultation process the views of the parishes surrounding Crowborough were sought. The following information highlights the responses from the following communities:

Wadhurst, Frant, Withyham, Buxted, Maresfield, Fletching, Danehill[16]

Work opportunities
Valued facilities in the town and own Parish

This list of the facilities mentioned by Parishes shows that many aspects of the town are appreciated:

Funeral directors, Stationers, Banks, Insurance, Golf club, Restaurants

Dry cleaners, Doctor, Citizens Advice Bureau, Free parking, Leisure centre, Post office

Facilities missing or could be improved
Other links with Crowborough
Provision of education in the town
Community bus services from surrounding villages into town
Access for disabled people

Most Parishes did not know, though one Parish commented on:

Congestion or danger problems

These are the comments from the Parishes:

Car parking

Parishes were satisfied with the parking, and most also mentioned that it is good that parking is free;

Buxted Parish mentioned that it is particularly important that the car park remains free so that it can be used by villages such as High Hurstwood where there are no shops or services.

Best things about Crowborough

The Parishes each commented that the best things were free parking, and Waitrose.

Parishes also mentioned one each of these:

Worst things about Crowborough

Two Parishes commented on the lack of public transport to surrounding villages.

Also mentioned were:

Improvements to encourage Parishes residents to use the town more

The main improvement needed mentioned by three Parishes was better public transport access.

Further comments
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