The Crowborough Partnership

Into the Future

A snapshot of the
Crowborough Action Plan

"For the people of Crowborough and its surrounding area to see this town as vibrant and accessible, and the natural first choice for shopping, business and leisure."
(The Crowborough Action Plan 2006)

How do you want Crowborough to develop in the future?

In 2005, the Crowborough Healthcheck put this question to people who live, work or relax in the town. From this survey, further informed by conversations with individuals, groups and businesses, has come an Action Plan for Crowborough.

This page outlines some of the main proposals which can be found in full in the Crowborough Healthcheck Report and Action Plan here. They will be taken forward by the Crowborough Partnership which represents the town, district and county councils, individuals, the community college, the local NHS and the churches, as well as local businesses and parishes adjacent to Crowborough.

Why is this Action Plan important?

Compared to many parts of East Sussex, Crowborough has traditionally attracted little development funding. Similar Action Plans in towns such as Uckfield and Heathfield have won extra money from sources local Councils cannot tap.

The Crowborough Partnership is determined to bring very real benefits to our town in the months and years ahead.

Four main aims underpin the Action Plan

  1. To make Crowborough a vibrant and progressive town in which to work, shop, visit, do business and receive effective business support.
  2. To increase community spirit along with involvement and interest in community activities, services and events.
  3. To improve and promote public transport and encourage a reduction in the use of cars in the town.
  4. To make significant improvements in the design and appearance of the town and increase pride in its buildings and natural surroundings.

What is in the Action Plan?

The Crowborough Action Plan has four themes:

Improving the local economy

Improving the social and community life of the town

Improving transport and accessibility

Improving the environment

What happens now?

Words are one thing. Action is another. That is why the Crowborough Partnership is determined to achieve real, noticeable improvements in the shortest possible time. That is why the Partnership has agreed that a paid Crowborough Co-ordinator is essential to give a 100% focus on making this happen.

Want to be a part of it?

The Crowborough Partnership depends on the commitment and goodwill of local people and organisations, who give their time voluntarily.

Whatever your interest in making Crowborough a better place to live, work, and relax in there are ways that you can help make a difference.

For further information on the Crowborough Action Plan and the Healthcheck process, look further on this website by clicking the link below:

Or email:

The full Action Plan and Healthcheck documents can also be seen at Crowborough Town Hall, The Broadway, Crowborough and at Crowborough Library, Pine Grove, Crowborough