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Worksheets Stage 2 – Identification of issues

This part is called a SWOT analysis, where you identify Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Once you have the information, use this table to show the Strengths and Weaknesses in the education and training profile and standards achieved locally. Also flag up where there are Opportunities to improve things or where there might be Threats in the future. The conclusions give the basis for a summary that can go forward to the Healthcheck Report.

You need to consider what the information you have gathered tells you in the light of these questions:

Write your answers here. Base them on the information you have gathered:


It's a Fact





Need more info

Are there are sufficient pre-school places in nurseries and playgroups?

No, based upon evidence from Co-ordinator of Pre school placements –LGR during discussions for developing a pre school nursery set up at Beacon College. Further substantiated by KITES information for locality*

* ****

Is there is a problem in local schools with academic achievements or exclusions?

Poor 2003/04 KS4 results for I year (usually mid-upper 50’s%*

BCC @ 47.3% for students at 16 with 5+ GCSEs @ A-C – Other HUBB members range from 53.3% for one other; then up through 61%- 63% and 69%***

Exclusions well below national average; is 2nd highest in number of days in close school comparisons*** but compare directly with schools with over 1000 students**.

* ***

Are there significant vocational or non-vocational training gaps, which could be filled locally?

Level 2*

Rural location/transport are issues***

Travel to learn issues prevail***

Grove park agenda****

* *** ****

What proportion of people have access to the Internet?

85% of BCC parents; over 90% of students have PCs at home.

Homework and Information on BCC websites*/**/****

No information for population***(?)

*F **S ***W ****O (?)

What issues has this identified ?

  • Post 16 – level 2
  • Skills development – including Adult Education
  • Need for pre schools
  • Workforce development – support staff (100 people support BCC_ - financial/sourcing
  • Work experience/apprenticeship agenda
  • Disability agenda
  • IT usage a real opportunity/strenght for BCC but no useful data for population
  • Inequity of access to learning due to travel related issues
  • Poor literary skills amongst 8.7% Crowborough population
  • 10.77% of Crowborough population have low numeracy skills
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