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Crowborough Healthcheck and Action Plan

Heard About the Healthcheck and Action Plan?
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The Action Plan has arisen from the Healthcheck process which has been carried out in the town since Autumn 2004. The Healthcheck and Action Plan are a government initiative, and whilst the basics of the format are set-out these can be varied for particular towns.

In Crowborough the process started with representatives from the community, councillors voluntary organisations, statutory authorities etc being invited to a number of meetings to identify the issues.

Then informataive worksheets produced by the Countryside Agency were worked through to enable comparisions with other towns etc.

In the Summer of 2005 public consultation was carried out, and a report on the summary issues published. A questionnaire was also produced.

The results of the research were then studied leading to the publication of the Action Plan. The plan identifies projects which should enhance Crowborough for those that live, work or visit the town.

A summary of the Action Plan can be found here: Into The Future

A Healthcheck Summary here:

The full Crowborough Healthcheck Report and Action Plan can be found here: There is a detailed contents page and the document is fully searchable.

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